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The Series

  1. What is The Sixth World of Men?

    The Sixth World of Men is a world of people, like you and me. The flora and fauna of this world are slighty different. The races of people in the world are slightly different.And the customs of the world are slightly different. The history of the world is familiar, but very different. It's Earth, but its not earth. This is the world of Kosundo, but there are those who call it the Sixth World of Men.

  2. Is The Sixth World of Men a fantasy?

    Yes. Being set in a speculative world, The Sixth World of Men is a fantasy, but it mirrors the familiar. It's a tale that has its roots dug deeply into the real world while its branches extend into the heavens of imagination. This allows the series to realistically explore relationships between human values and life events while spinning an engaging plot. The Sixth World of Men is a twisting tale of how the course of life affects the values of individuals and in turn how those individuals' values affect the course of life.

    The Sixth World of Men is a fantasy, but it's also a unique amalgam of genres. The result is a fantasy that is appealing to fantasy and non-fantasy readers. The unique blend of genres also allows the series to be equally appealing to all ages and genders.

  3. I don't care for most fantasies, is there anything in the series for me?

    Not everyone is a fan of fantasy for differing reasons, however, the story of the The Sixth World of Men is a near-Earth fantasy and therefore attracts reader of many genres outside fantasy. Readers will find abundant elements of adventure, romance, science fiction, mystery and thriller genres in the series. There are scenes that evoke emotion, scenes that provoke thought and scenes that have great intensity throughout the series.

    If a person likes to read--fantasy or not--changes are very good that there's a good bit for that person to like in this series.

  4. Are there any graphic scenes or vulgar language in the series?

    No. Many scenes are extremely emotional and intense, but all scenes are written in good taste. There are intimate and violent scenes, but no detailed descriptions of sexual acts, no graphic descriptions of violence and no instances of vulgar language are ever used. In short, these scenes are carefully crafted. No cheap shock tactics are used to create emotion.

    The book is safe for young readers, yet has enough action and intensity to satisfy today's adult readers.

  5. Some reviewers have described your writing is this series as simple. What does that mean?

    The series is easy to read. The scenes are laid out very clearly and consisely. It is purposely designed to attact the casual reader. The reader that might be more apt to choose to watch a movie rather than read a book. 

    But, don't be fooled. There is great depth in the details of the series. Should you reread any of the books of the series, you'll find little nuggets that were missed the first time.

  6. Does that fact that some characters show faith in something called the old way have a part in the message of TSOM?

    The book assumes that human beings are basically spiritual beings. The old way expresses a belief in a powerful being that exists outside of oneself. The book does explore what effect this belief plays in these characters lives.

    Analyzing what role faith plays in times of peril in not a new theme for fantasies. In fact, it can be argued that the theme of faith help to mold the early fantasy genre. It is a theme that is missing in most contemporary fantasies, however. The series is a bit of a throwback to fantasy's root in that respect.

  7. How many books will be in the series?

    Three books have been published as this writing: A Beacon of Hope, Paths of Intimate Contention, and The Beginning of Sorrows.

    There are more to come. Exactly how many more is really up to several factors, but it is safe to say that there will be more than six books in the series.

  8. What are others saying about the series?

    The first manuscripts for the series have only been read by a few peope, but here's what they've had to say.

    "Walter E Mark uses every riveting detail of the groundwork laid for the series. If you gloss over something, you're missing something—a truly captivating read." -W. Fitz, literature professor, Perry, OH

    "The Sixth World of Men incorporates a distinct and unique narrative voice...the descriptions are quite detailed and well composed, thus allowing the reader to visualize the events, characters and settings. The story itself is also very engaging." -Gina, editor, FirstEditing.com

    “Intriguing and delightful. Walter E Mark takes you to another time and place. His characters have such personality and emotion that you feel you’re traveling with them along their journey.” -K. Landrum, teacher, Ypsilanti, MI

    "Walter E Mark has created a vast world and an interesting cast of characters in this epic adventure. The Sixth World of Men series is an extremely worthwhile read." -Mike D, IT professional, Flat Rock, MI

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Purchasing Books

  1. How can I purchase books?

    Use the links found on the Buy Books page to purchase books in The Sixth World of Men.

  2. What books of the series are currently available?

    The first and second, and third volumes of the series are now available. The titles are A Beacon of Hope, Paths of Intimate Contention, and The Beginning of Sorrows. Revised editions are now being published for each of the first three books. A fourth book, The Rise of the Soulless, will be available soon after the last of the revised versions is released.

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