Coffee Shop Pictures Coffee Shop Pictures Display Table Just before the Ypsilanti book event 109617977 First Notice First person to arrive at the display table 109617978 Jackie Our thanks go out to Jackie who helped coordintate the Big Sky (Ypsi) event. 109617979 Winner! First lucky winner of a T-shirt 109617980 Author and Display Walter does a quick pose before the Belleville Event at WiFi Coffee. 109617981 Author and Wife, Wendy Wendy is the pretty one with her eyes open. 109617982 Event Helper Mike, our Belleville event helper 109617983 Reading about the Book Mike and Shawna before the event. 109617984 Reporter Sighting! Jill Monte, reporter for the Belleville View 109617985 The Giveaway Item is... Mile displays the T-shirt to be given away. 109617986 Coffee and a Book A coffee shop customer taking in the video presentation. 109617987 Winner! Lucky giveaway winner receiving a calendar. 109617988 Being Sized Up An event guest seen sizing up Walter as he presents the book. 109617989 One-On-One Walter talks with an event guest 109617990 Looking over the Series Event guest looking over a pamphlet about The Sixth World of Men series. 109617992 A Couple of Happy Fans Happy event guests pose with their new copies of A Beacon of Hope. 109617993 Setting Up Benjamin looking over the first display set up at the Westland Book Event at Bigby Coffee. 116853716 Display Board Display Board on 2/12/2011 116853717 SignUp Table A sun soaked signup table. 116853718 Top 100 Sign announcing the inclusion of The Sixth World of Men series in the all-time top 100 on Fantasy Book Review. 116853719 Paths Rankings Rankings of Paths of Intimate Contention as of 2/12/2011. 116853720 Beacon Rankings Rankings of A Beacon of Hope as of 2/12/2011. 116853721 Book Event Special Special Book Event Price for signed copies of the first two volumes of The Sixth World of Men. 116853723 Book Display Book and Handout Display at Bigby Coffee. 116853724 The Information Corner All of the information about the book series in one corner. 116853725 A Discussion with Juan Juan asks about the book series. Walter is very happy to oblige. Walter can talk for a while about the book. 116853726 More Book Talk Tex joins the conversation. 116853727 Tex, Walter and Juan Pose. Tex and Juan were kind enough to pose for a picture with Beacon and Paths as well as Walter. 116853728 Fellow Author Sighting Del, a fellow author, came to check out the book series and get a book signed. 116853729 The Wonderful Folks at Bigby Deanna and Mo pose with Walter. 116853731 Westland, Michigan Bigby Coffee The location of the February 12th book event. 116855253 A Happy T-shirt Winner Bonnie mugs it up with Walter after winning a T-shirt. Everyone loves those Sixth World of Men T-shirts. 116855256 Kristi and her mom, Lynn Kristi brought her enthusiasm for the book series to Westland. 116855257 Another T-Shirt Winner Raif mugs with the author aftter winning a T-shirt. 116855258 Kristi Again Kristi is the teacher whose endorsement is on the back of Paths. 116855261 Deanna and her T-shirt Deanna was a great help along with Mo. Mo had to leave, so Deanna got the T-shirt. 116855262