Southgate Borders Pictures Southgate Borders Pictures Inspecting the Area Asst. Manager Darlene and Walter inspect the display area will Walter's son, Ben, looks on. 110524065 Display Our little corner of Borders. 110524066 Double Dose Beacon on display 110524067 Board The display board at Borders 110524068 Video Video display along with promo cards 110524069 Greeting a Shopper Walter makes another new friend. 110524070 Greeter Ben greets a Borders customer as she enters the store. 110524071 Greeter #2 Winona patrols the opposite Borders entrance. 110524072 The First Visitor The first customer of many to take a look at the book display. 110524073 Presenting the Series Walter spends some time explaining The Sixth World of Men to interested customers. 110524074 Hamming It Up A closeup of Ben just before the event. 110524075 Father and Daughter Walter takes a moment to visit his daughter, Winona. 110524076 The Whole Tribe Walter's friend, Mike, takes in the display along with his children. 110524077 Little Indian Mike's youngest son peeks around a Borders book display. It took all of Wendy's skill and ingenuity to capture this picture. 110524078 More Family Walter's sister-in-law, Sharon and two of her sons pose with Winona. 110524079 More Talk about the Series Walter talks with a couple of customers about A Beacon of Hope. (Yes, that is a bald spot on the back of his head.) 110524080 Book and Calendar Dave and Sharon show up their book and the giveaway calendar. 110524081 T-Shirt of Apprecation Paul, a fan, shows off the t-shirt Walter gave him in appreciation of his support. 110524082 Walter and a New Fan Walter poses with a new fan he acquired during the event. 110524083 Signing It was a book signing, so it figures that we'd had to have one picture of Walter signing a book. 110524084 Sharing Points of View Walter shares his view on the book with a friend. 110524085 Managers Thersa and Darlene helped set up the event. Many thanks for a job well done. 110524086 Beacon on the Shelf A shot of Beacon as it appeared on the Borders shelves. 110524087 Beacon Shelved again. A second shot of Beacon at Borders for good measure. 110524088