Some kind words from folks who have read my manuscripts or the completed books of The Sixth World of Men series.


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Quotes Walter E Mark uses every riveting detail of the groundwork laid for the series. If you gloss over something, you're missing something--a truly captivating read." Quotes
W. Fitz
Literature Professor

Quotes Really a nice beginning to an epic fantasy. Only thing I didn't like was there was not enough of it. I'm rereading it to make sure I didn't miss anything. Quotes
A GoodReads Review

Quotes Intriguing and delightful. Walter E. Mark takes you to another time and place. His characters have such personality and emotion that you feel you?re traveling with them along their journey. Quotes
K. Landrum
Teacher in Ypsilanti, MI

Quotes An amazing journey into another realm is found in "The Sixth World of Men: A Beacon of Hope, Volume 1" by Walter E. Mark. The storyline is inventive and creative, while still paralleling many of the "good verses evil" themes that we are familiar with.... I really enjoyed delving into this world. As it is another world entirely, there are different terms for many things, such as time references and such. Walter Mark includes a map at the front, which is extremely helpful as a visual reference. There is also a glossary at the back to discuss some of the terms. I found that I really didn't need that regularly, but was able to infer meanings or unfamiliar words quickly while reading through the book. The storyline is extremely well thought out and the characters have solid depth to them and are easy to relate to. The book is the beginning of a series and as such, this book sets the stage for what is sure to be an incredible turn of events over the course of the series. Quotes
Kristi Burchfiel

Quotes Walter E Mark uses every riveting detail of the groundwork laid for the series. If you gloss over something, you're missing something...a truly captivating read Quotes
W. Fitz
Literature Professor, Perry, OH

Quotes I stumbled across this diamond while surfing. I found it on a preveiw site for the series with a url of sixthworldpreview or something close. Although, it starts off a bit slow for me, I was rewarded by reading into the book a few chapters. There the setup of the series changes to a series of intriguing events that spring up. The only problem was the book wasn't long enough. The ending does give closure to a part of the plot, but it definitely leaves you wanting more. It sort of like eating a filling candy bar, you're satisfied but would eat another if you could. I am anticipating the next book. The book is a fantasy, but it also has cool gadgets, a budding romance, and lots of intrigue. Quotes
M S Worth
A Barnes and Noble Review

Quotes A Beacon of Hope has a little bit of everything that I like in a book. It has mystery and intrigue mixed with some romance. It has believable science and technology that is just a little bit ahead of our own. The writing style moves along and captivates your attention. The characters seem real. You get the feeling that you know someone just like certain characters. The people of Kosundo come to life in your mind and it is easy to relate to their stories. The characters also leave you no choice but to invest emotion in them. You find yourself pulling for some characters and hating others. Still others have you screaming at them as they have you both loving and hating them. The world that the book immerses you in has just enough differences from our world to let your mind accept those differences. You find yourself in the world of Kosundo. Quotes
T. S. Yates

Quotes Best book that I've read in quite while. Only book that I've read recently that I've given 5 stars. The world that this book places you in is amazing. The world if similar enough to our world that the differences in flora, fauna, technology and customs stand out, giving you a deep understanding of the world and its characters. The book moves along so quickly that I finished it in two days...I don't do that. My only regret is that the book was not longer. I can't wait for the next book. Quotes
A GoodReads Review

Quotes For once a book that I could truly just relax and enjoy! I really like the narration style. It sounds like a friend is talking to me. Quotes
A GoodReads Review

Quotes ...It is great. It's easy to read, yet it really makes you think. If your looking for a book that won't take forever to read, but it still really worthwhile, A Beacon of Hope is the book for you. Quotes
A GoodReads Review