Meet The Author

I had been a high school teacher for twenty years and over that time I wrote for pleasure and shared my stories with a few of my students, friends and family. I wrote on a variety of topics, and even dappled in poetry. 

I did not seek to publish my works though some people thought that I should do so.  I have always enjoyed writing for the pure joy of it. At last, my family and friends coaxed me to publish The Sixth World of Men.

I reluctantly submitted my work to a couple of publishers, thinking that I would never hear from them. The reality was that I submitted the book only to get people to stop bugging me.

Imagine my surprise when both of the publishing companies that received my work sent me a letter of interest. I, of course, immediately accused my family and friends of perpetrating a hoax against me. It took a phone call from an acquisitions editor from Random House to finally convince me that the letters were genuine.

I was then introduced to the ruthless world of publishing. The publishers liked the manuscript but, since I was an unknown author, they demanded that I make radical changes in the storyline to increase the commercial viability of the future series. These changes were unacceptable contrivances that undermined the essence of my manuscript. I resisted, and the war was on.

Finally, I found a publisher that was my soul mate.  Tate Publishing agreed to publish The Sixth World of Men practically without change. There was a catch, however. Tate Publishing is a small company and could not afford to make a large financial commitment upfront to an unknown author. Yet, for me, it was an easy decision. I signed with Tate Publishing and committed to deliver my first three books to them.

A Personal Note from Walter for Prospective Writers

My book is published through Tate Publishing, a mainline publishing house dedicated to working with aspiring authors and giving their book its best chance in the marketplace.
If you’ve ever thought about publishing a book, you should visit Tate Publishing.